WATCH: Nicole Moolman’s journey with the Eat Out Food School

In partnership with Defy

Meet 18-year-old Nicole Moolman. She was born and raised in Port Elizabeth and moved to Cape Town after she was accepted into the Eat Out Food School learnership. She is currently finishing up her six months of practical training with the My Place Group at Dashi Poké (first at Cavendish Square and now at Mojo Market). Nicole plans to continue studying F&B Service Management at Nelson Mandela University, and to eventually manage restaurants all over South Africa, but first, she is very eager to get into the new kitchen!

“The legendary Eat Out kitchen is about to arrive, and I’m sure I can say that we are all super excited to finally practise all the skills we learnt throughout the year and, most importantly, to be the pioneers of this school’s first kitchen, brought to us by Defy,” she says. “It’s the biggest and the best opportunity ever and I can’t wait to make use of everything offered, to broaden my skills and knowledge in the industry. I’m sure that this kitchen will bring about so much growth for future chefs and future students of the school, in a way that no other institute can compare, as this kitchen will impact students differently in the sense that it is a place of both comfort and exposure to learn. Thank you, Defy!”

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