The French cake served in January that you’ve been missing all your life

Always wanted to be a king or queen for a day? Joburg’s Patachou Patisserie can make it possible this January with the traditional French galette des rois, or cake of the king.

Historically made only during the month of Epiphany, a calendar highlight in France, this special galette comprises pure butter puff pastry that encloses baked frangipane cream, a delectable custard made of real sweet almonds. Hidden inside the cake is a fève or charm.

The French patissiers at Patachou in Rivonia, Laurent and Patrick, have recently been joined by Hugues from Paris, so they are sharing with customers their own gorgeous galettes des rois throughout the month of January.

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The celebration goes as follows: The galette de rois, or cake of the king, is served to a group of family or friends. The cake is cut into as many portions as there are people in the group. (An extra piece is often cut for the first person to pass the door.) The youngest member gets underneath the table to tap the guests in any order to select their pieces. The person who finds the fève in his or her portion receives the crown, and chooses his or her own king or queen partner by dropping the fève in that person’s glass.

Get to Patachou Patisserie before month-end for all the fun, otherwise you’ll have to wait until January 2018…

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