Introducing the croclair: the croissant-éclair mashup that is giving us life

We have brought you here today to talk about the croclair: the newest sweet mashup to hit bakery shelves – and your Instagram feed. What is it? It’s quite simple really: a croissant crossed with an éclair.

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Éclairs are having a moment overseas – and at some awesome bakeries in Joburg, but we’ve yet to see them really hitting Cape Town’s shelves. Now, Jason Bakery on Bree Street is selling this crossover pastry. Instead of choux pastry, they take flaky, buttery pastry and fill it with chantilly cream, before dipping it in chocolate glaze. They’re made every Thursday, and could be yours (if you’re fast enough) for R18. Keep an eye on the @jasonbakerybree Instagram account for updates.

A bakery in Berlin, Maryland in the USA is also doing a version (see below), as is some place in Mesclun, but we think Jason’s is a lot prettier.

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Jason Bakery also recently started making tebirkes; a Danish pastry filled with almond paste and coated in poppyseeds. See them in all their golden glory here.

Sorry about your diet. We’re trying to stop writing about pastries so much. We really are.

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