Meet the matcha mille-crêpe, a Japanese-French fusion dessert from London

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A Japanese patisserie in London is delighting its adventurous customers with a stacked cake of multiple green-tea pancakes. Meet the matcha mille-crêpe, made at Kova Patisserie in Soho.

In a hybrid of mille-feuille – the delicate French pastry of ‘a thousand leaves’ that’s traditionally filled with crème patissiere – and silky thin pancakes, the multi-layered matcha mille-crêpe is coloured and flavoured with the soft emerald earthiness of matcha (ground green-tea leaves).    

Traditionally this fine powder is stirred into hot water in tea ceremonies, and is said to have many health benefits thanks to the high percentage of antioxidants it contains.

The all-natural emerald colour is simply mesmerising

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A slice pairs perfectly with a matcha latte

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Or how about a matcha Swiss roll?

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Or a neat square of matcha tiramisu, for the Italians

Or order a simple cream-and-fruit mille-crêpe for more traditional tastes

If you’re into the green-tea trend but are looking for somewhere closer to home, read our list of 5 great places for matcha treats in Cape Town and check out the matcha range by Joburg-based confectioner Ooh la la.

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