The Pencil Club: An all-day experience in Umhlanga

Over the last few months, Durban has seen the opening of many new offerings, including restaurants, hotels and multi-functional venues. The latest venture to grab our attention is the recently opened The Pencil Club, which has been inspired by the writings of I, Pencil by Leonard E Read.

Located in Umhlanga, The Pencil Club aims to bring people from different walks of life together in one space to collaborate. This members’ club endeavours to provide the perfect place for the future leaders of our community to come together under one roof to have a nurturing space where ideas can be turned into reality. It also aims to provide a platform for diversity, inclusivity and authenticity. 


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Co-founder Marc Rosenberg says: “At The Pencil Club, we want to create a narrative that is uplifting, positive and collaborative, that encourages and inspires not only the current generation but future generations.”

The Pencil Club, covering an entire space of 1,800 square meters,  provides an all-day experience for its members to work, dine and entertain. It features two sit-down restaurants, four bars (each with its own character and aesthetic), a pool, boutique gym, sauna, steam room, library, conference rooms and event spaces. These various spaces provide members with the freedom to be alone or together, to work or to relax and unwind.

The Pencil Club also offers curated events and encounters and has its own art foundation, which focuses on uplifting talented local artists and giving them exposure to the community. The foundation aims to increase the value, visibility and appreciation for art as well as making an impact on the life of the artists by giving them the support they need.  


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If you’re interested in becoming a member of this world class establishment, contact The Pencil Club on their website to find out more.

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