6 reasons to buy a bee sting pastry from Rosa’s Bakery in Shortmarket Street

Bee stings from Rosa's Bakery2

The bee stings in question from Rosa’s Bakery. Photo by Nikita Buxton.

You will, of course, have your own very important and legitimate reasons to buy a bee sting pastry at Rosa’s Bakery in Cape Town, but these were mine:

1. My breakfast cereal didn’t contain enough custard, butter or icing sugar.
2. It was pastry weather. Other kinds of pastry weather include – but are not limited to – cloudy, sunny, hot, cool, warm, windy, rainy etc.
3. I was feeling virtuous after collecting my organic locally grown veggies from Harvest of Hope (an organisation that supports urban gardening and farmer development) at the Birds Café drop-off point, and decided to offset my self-righteousness.
4. Rosa’s bee stings are always plentifully piped with yellow custard.
5. The custard has my favourite fake-vanilla flavour. (Also present in beloved white chocolate and those old-school wafer biscuits.)
6. I’m a grown-up and can do what I want.

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