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Prepare for a gastronomic adventure that melds the worlds of passion and precision in craftsmanship, presented by Eat Out in partnership with Lexus. The second The Art of Food boutique event will take place on 1 October at a special rooftop location in the pulsating heart of the Mother City, with views that will take your breath away.

Renowned chefs from the La Colombe Group, including Eat Out’s Woolworths Financial Services Chef of the Year for 2022, will craft a menu that embodies culinary finesse and technical skill. John Norris-Rogers and James Gaag bring an innovative and artistic approach to their food, and their mastery lies in the ability to seamlessly blend traditional techniques with modern interpretations, resulting in a dining experience that is both exquisite and unforgettable.

Guests will experience what could be described as culinary poetry, where every dish tells a story – with the menu showcasing products from our various event partners.

The Art of Food events are a celebration of shared values between Eat Out and Lexus. Through the Japanese concept known as ‘Takumi’, where dedication, precision, and the pursuit of perfection unite, we take guests on a culinary journey where every bite is an expression of artistry and passion.

“Creating food and elevating it into culinary art is fundamentally human, and in its detailed execution, comprises an evolved level of craft. The thoughtful detail and craftsmanship are basic cultural pillars supporting the Lexus brand. The Eat Out partnership, for Lexus, redefines modern luxury and lifestyle experiences,” states Lexus South Africa.

Highlights on the menu include ABALOBI ‘Fish with a Story’, a local organisation that has just been announced as one of the 15 finalists in the Earthshot Prize for its solution to repair and regenerate the planet.

“The small-scale fishers with whom we work have been mastering their craft for years,” says ABALOBI’s Fiona Hilton. “Usually since they were small children and for many generations before them. It is not merely the ‘physical’ know-how of skilful hand-line fishing that is passed down through the generations, but also a deep understanding of and connection to the ocean, and of the ecological and climatic changes that occur throughout time, which ultimately affect the socio-economic makeup of their communities.”

Complementing the delectable dishes, guests will get to sip on premium, award-winning beer, spirits and wines.

Devil’s Peak beer is a testament to the art of crafting excellence. They achieve this by using the finest ingredients and adhering to traditional brewing methods, resulting in a product that consistently stands out in terms of taste and craftsmanship.

“Our pride lies in the artistry behind our brewing process, driven by a team of experienced and passionate brewers who continually innovate to create unique beer experiences,” says ​​Brand Marketing Manager Kelly‑Ann Wykerd. “We don’t just craft beer; we craft unforgettable moments for our customers.”

The same thoughtful approach is shared by our spirits partner. “At Kinship Spirits we’ve bottled the spirit of Africa’s mythologies and native narratives in a high-impact sensory experience that inspires with every pour and impresses with every sip, says Kinship Marketing Executive Cath Shone. “Every bottle of Elephantom Rum undergoes meticulous hand-filling and labelling at our renowned distillery nestled in Stellenbosch, a testament to our unwavering commitment to precision and craftsmanship.”

Creation Wines and Riedel Glassware are two distinguished names that connoisseurs around the world seek out. Creation embodies the art of winemaking, producing exceptional vintages that reflect the terroir of the Hemel-en-Aarde valley.

Complementing the wines is Riedel glassware, where craftsmanship meets design in every piece. Riedel’s commitment to quality, aesthetics, and the enhancement of the wine-drinking experience elevates each sip to an art form.

Of course, staying hydrated is key when the libations are flowing, and Eat Out has partnered with global brand Evian. Sought after by discerning consumers, Evian has earned its reputation as the quintessential quality water to drink. Each drop undergoes a natural filtration process that imparts a crisp, clean taste like no other.

Collectively these brands represent the epitome of premium excellence, making them essential choices for those who savour life’s most refined pleasures.

Please note: Due to the nature and style of this The Art of Food event, attendance is by invitation.

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