Woolies’ secret to making the rotisserie chicken that we all know and love


Rotisserie chicken is a staple in many households, loved for its convenience, as much as its irresistible flavour. Yet, what sets the Woolworths rotisserie chickens apart, as with many of Woolworths’ iconic products, is that theirs are the result of a commitment to innovation and quality.


Crafting the perfect rotisserie chicken doesn’t just happen overnight; it starts with years of meticulous development, testing and research, with input from industry experts. For Woolworths, this process also meant selecting the finest chickens and perfecting the brine and cooking methods, to ensure the recipe is the best it can be. The butter brine, especially, was handled with care and is truly the secret ingredient here. Infused with real butter for maximum succulence and flavour, it underwent rigorous development to deliver a delicious, consistent final product.


Today, this quality is upheld through weekly quality checks by both the Woolworths team and suppliers to guarantee the freshest and most flavourful chicken reaches customers’ plates. Each of the various elements that contribute to Woolworths’ rotisserie chickens is subject to these routine internal checks. From monitoring weight ranges and chicken quality to ensuring the integrity of the brine and maintaining the cold chain, every detail is meticulously overseen. The cooking process itself, including cooking times, temperatures, as well as holding temperatures, is also carefully managed. Consistency is key here. With this strict adherence to testing, development, and quality control, Woolworths guarantees a perfect chicken, every single time.


However, the commitment to quality doesn’t only take place during production; it starts from sourcing ingredients. Woolworths prides itself on using locally sourced chicken from trusted suppliers who adhere to the highest farming practices. Additionally, Woolworths offers customers a choice of rotisserie options, including free-range and duck varieties, meaning that however you choose to enjoy it, there’s something for everyone.

From a quick dinner, served alongside a fresh salad, to stuffed into rolls with lashings of mayo, or simply left in the fridge for snacking and light meals when the craving hits, it is always a good idea to pick up a rotisserie chicken. More than just a convenient meal option, this is another way that Woolworths keeps their promise to quality and value.

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