Molten chocolate madness: 5 great chocolate fondants

Chocolate fondant Chef Jean-Georges Vongerichten claims he accidentally invented chocolate fondant in 1987 when he undercooked a chocolate sponge cake while working at Lafayette restaurant in New York. French chef and chocolatier Jacques Torres has since vowed that the dessert originated in France, but then again, it’s not uncommon to argue over a chocolate fondant. Whether you call it a lava cake or fondant, this cake-soufflé hybrid is characterised by a perfectly cooked chocolate crust and gooey liquid centre. To assist you in your quest for this perfect pudding, we found five restaurants that serve up sensational chocolate fondants.


Chocolate fondant at 95 Keerom. Photo courtesy of the restaurant

95 Keerom (City Bowl, Cape Town)

Giorgio Nava’s famous chocolate fondant has quite the reputation in the Eat Out office and has even featured as a dish of the week. This decadent pudding is made with dark Zaini imported Italian chocolate and arrives with a perfect chocolate crust and rich liquid centre. The fondant is served with berries and vanilla ice cream (optional) and is yours for R60.

Chocolate fondant Brasserie de Paris

Chocolate fondant at Brasserie de Paris. Photo courtesy of the restaurant

Brasserie de Paris (Waterkloof Ridge, Pretoria)

Crafted with premium French Valhrona chocolate, their gooey fondant is baked in-house and arrives in fine-dining splendor with a scoop of vanilla ice cream, a smattering of caramel popcorn and a crisp banana tuille. You can enjoy this sweet treat for R71.

Little Havana (Umhlanga Rocks, KwaZulu-Natal)

Their rich chocolate fondant arrives warm out the oven with a dark Callebaut Belgian chocolate centre. As it is baked to order, the pudding takes 15 minutes to prepare. Indulge in this decadent pudding for R49.

Pigalle chocolate fondant

Chocolate fondant at Pigalle. Photo courtesy of the restaurant

Pigalle (Sandton)

This chic urban restaurant serves up their popular chocolate fondant with a perfectly cooked chocolate crust and a centre that they describe as “soft and indulgent”. The fondant is paired with a scoop of ice cream and almond shavings and costs R65.

VickyCristina’s (Camps Bay, Cape Town)

Chef Edward describes their chilli chocolate lava cake as “something really special”. The dessert, which is made with imported Valrhona chocolate (or Callebaut, if the former is not available), is not only one of their longest-running menu items, but also their most popular. Served with a chilli chocolate sauce, a scoop of ice cream and a single mint leaf, this wicked dessert is yours for R54.

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