Iconic Cape Town bakery closes original location

Lovers of all things baked and brewed were saddened to read about the permanent closure of one of Cape Town’s best-loved bakeries, Jason Bakery on Bree Street. 

Chef-owner Jason Lilley is the leader of the team of fearless bakers, known for their attention to detail and consistency. From slow-fermented sourdough loaves to impossibly flaky yet rich viennoiserie, this bakery under the command of Captain Bread himself has soothed many hangovers and broken hearts. 

The Victorian building on the corner of Bree and Bloem street has a wedding cake feel with pillars and ornate railings. Back in 2011, we wrote about its charm: “Drive down Bree Street any morning and all the little bar stools out on the pavement outside Jason will be occupied. Standing at the new hatch, which opens into Bree, is an ever-present queue of hungry businesspeople, hipsters and bacon croissant fans.”

In 2017, Jason Bakery expanded to its second location in Green Point, which was adopted by the Atlantic seaboard locals with gusto. So much more than a bakery or a coffee shop, Jason’s is a place to get a fantastic meal. 

The announcement came on social media, with a fond tribute to “the old girl”. The post reads like a memorial to an old friend, with the comments reflecting some sadness and many, many happy memories. As with so many things in 2020, we say goodbye and try our best to continue on as the world changes rapidly around us. 

Jason Bakery in Green Point is open and welcomes you for takeaways Tuesdays to Saturdays, 7am to 2pm. 

Click here to shop Jason breads, pies, bagels and pastries online.

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