45 meltingly good cheese recipes

Bubble, crumb, melt, spread, sprinkle: cheese is perhaps the most multi-talented of all ingredients. It can be that final touch that finishes off the dish or it can be the star of the show. Cheese can fit in anywhere, anytime, from a rugby game with the guys or dvd time with the girls to a gourmet dinner date or a Sunday morning family breakfast. Indulge in one (or all) of these gorgeously cheesy recipes featuring all your favourites – creamy feta, nutty parmesan and tangy blue.

Blue cheese

Baby beetroot, blue cheese and walnut risotto
Blue cheese oven roasted whole mushrooms with chilli and spring onion
Oversized mushrooms with blue cheese and sage polenta


Chorizo and brie pasta
French toast with brie and boozy vanilla bean compote


Pork and apple burgers with camembert
Upside down caramelised shallot and camembert tart


Cheddar and sweetcorn scones
Classic cheese fondue with fresh berries
Simonsberg cheddar soufflé with caramelised pear

Cream cheese

Open omelette with black night shade jam and Simonsberg cream cheese
Smoked salmon baby marrow and Simonsberg cream cheese tart


Avo-topped flatbread with turkey, rocket and feta cheese
Bulgar wheat salad with fried herb feta
Feta tart
Feta and mixed herb roast chicken
Mushroom, butternut and feta cheesecake
Olive, feta and spinach phyllo pastry pie
Pan pizza with feta, olives and salami
Plum and feta tabouleh
Spinach, sweet pepper and feta phyllo tart
Strawberry, melon and feta salad cup
Tapenade soda bread with marinated feta

Goat’s cheese

Orange poached beetroot with goat’s cheese and spinach
Pan-fried courgette flowers with goat’s cheese stuffing
Pasta with goat’s cheese and thyme burnt butter
Slow-roasted tomatoes with goat’s milk cheese
Wild mushroom, potato and goat’s cheese tart


Braised lamb neck and gorgonzola pie
Pear and gorgonzola tartlets
Sirloin with gorgonzola, bacon and avo


Cheesy celeriac potato and bacon pie
Slow-roasted tomato and gruyère tart
Wild mushroom lasagne


Aubergine rolls baked with halloumi, rocket and red peppers
Halloumi and cucumber salad


Calzone with greens
Garden Caprese salad
Lemon and black pepper pasta with stracciatella cheese and artichokes


Brinjal and tomato parmesan bake
Parmesan-crumbed cauliflower
Parmesan-crumbed lamb chops
Parmesan shortbreads with roasted tomatoes, pesto and mozzarella


Grilled rye crostini with roasted peppers, broad beans and ricotta
Roasted vine tomato and ricotta quiche

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